Thursday, August 27, 2009


All about wine this week. Match the proverbs 1 - 6 with their meanings a - f. For answers, highlight the space beneath where it says, "Highlight below for answers" - yes, really, they are there!

1. Vinu turcu è buonu vinu.

2. Cui s'havi a 'mbriacari, di vinu bonu l'havi a fari.

3. Di sittèmmiru ad agustu vivi lu vino vecchiu e lassa stare lu mustu.

4. Latti e vinu, vilenu finu.

5. Lu vinu è meli e diventa feli.

6. Vinu biancu 'nforza lu ciancu.

a. Wine is honey that can turn into bile.

b. If you drink milk after wine, you'll come to a bad end.

c. Undiluted wine is good wine.

d. From September to August, drink old wine and leave the must alone.

e. White wine strengthens your hips.

f. If you are going to get drunk, do it with good wine.

Highlight below for answers:
1c ["turcu" in the sense of "Saracen", ie., wine that has not been diluted with water for Communion], 2f [ie, don't compromise yourself for nothing], 3d [because must-making is the first process in the making of new wine], 4b, 5a [a warning of the effects of abusing wine], 6e.



Unknown said...

Hi my friend!
Simone is so cute.I have Sula.Dogs are our best friends,isn't it?

Whispering Walls said...

inforza = strengthens or fattens?!
What's your favourite Sicilian wine?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hello, Kinha. Yes, Simi is a beautiful girl and certainly my best friend. Hi, WW. Rinforza - strengthens. [Of course, if they're stronger they may also get fatter!]

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

WW, I can't drink wine.


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