Sunday, August 02, 2009


Hello, folks. Simi here!

Well, at last a dog can get to the computer! "Silly Week", huh? Hmmm - a doggie friend could be forgiven for thinking it's always "Silly Week" around here, the way my mummy behaves most of the time! Here are some of the silly things she does:

1. She's always gossiping with my Auntie Rosa and I have to bark to remind them it's time to go out! I like Auntie Rosa because she calls me amoruccia and piccola. I like Mister-Auntie-Rosa too because he lets me ride in his big car! I could easily drive it for him but he doesn't seem to believe me. Humans, eh, Alex?!
2. She calls me a "silly girlie" when I go out to the lift to see her off when she sneaks out without me. I have to check that the landing is safe!
3. Sometimes she's in here playing with the computer until 3 am and a dog can't get her beauty sleep!
4. Now she's addicted to that "tweet" thing but I can't hear any birdies when she uses it!
5. Every Monday she sprays smelly brown stuff on her legs and we have to wait for 2 hours until it's dry to go out! She should go out au naturel like moi!

Of course, she loves me oodles and poodles and does lots of nice things for me as well!

That's all for now, fans. I hope you've had a good "Silly Week".

Love from

Simi xx woof!


rochambeau said...

Dear Simi,
You are a very smart and gorgeous girl with a pretty hair color. A nice mummy too!
Hope you get to go out for treats tonight!


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Dear Auntie Constance,
Thank you very much for writing to me. I like it! We had a nice walk tonight.
Simi xx woof!

Leslie: said...

Ah Simi, don't be too hard on your Mummy about that smelly stuff she sprays on her legs. She probably looks awesome when it's dried and I actually wish she could send me some of it!

Unknown said...

Oh Simi, I have so enjoyed Silly Week and your post was the perfect note to finish it on! I'm totally with you on the tweet thing, I don't hear any birds either!

jmb said...

Hi Simi,

It must have been very trying for you this past week as your Mummy was so caught up in this this Silly Week business.

I'm sure everything will be back to normal now so have a good week.

Minnie said...

Coucou Simi - j'suis trop tardive pour ce fameux 'silly week' que tu as conclu d'une maniere bien sympa', mais je tiens a te dire 'bonjour' tout de meme. Je te fais des calins, P
PS Blogger ne me permet pas d'ajouter les accents: ca fait plouc, c'est honteux!!

Gledwood said...

Simi should get a job as a doggie supermodel ...

James Higham said...

Love to Simi.

Trubes said...

Hello Simi,
Oh how I emphasise with you, my Mummy is silly most of the time too.
Yesterday I found her halfway up the stairs carrying an ice cube tray until, I gently pointed out to her that, the freezer is in the utility room, not the bedroom...How silly is that?
Heaven knows where she put the clean bedding...must check the freezer! I know she likes crisp white sheets on her bed but that's going a bit too far,doncha think?
We've got a 'tweet' thing called Chico he's a bright yellow Cockatiel, with ridiculous orange cheeks, (looks like Aunt Sally from the Worzel Gummage stories). He also has a silly tufty twill thingy sticking out of the top of his head.
He passionately loves Daddy and shrieks like a banchee whenever he walks in the room. Such a gay old bird! (Chico that is, not Daddy)
I often volounteer to help Mummy when she cleans his cage out but she won't hear of it...I've even offered to hold him but no, she she just locks me out of the room when he's flying around...

Heavens, is that the time already? must away now to have my afternoon nap before dinner, (hope it's prawns)!

Bye for now,
Chloe...purr purr purr.

Pst..Mummy send her love to your Mummy.x

Whispering Walls said...

Apparently people are working on a fragrant fake tan

Carol said...

What a cute girl! It must be strange to live with us humans and our antics. Good walks, yummy treats and many head rubs to you.

CherryPie said...

Hi Simi, you are very wise. I think all Mums are silly ;-)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Dear Auntie Leslie,
She does look quite nice when it's dry but guess what? This morning the beauty lady came and she put a big white mask on my mummy's face. She used some funny machines on her face as well. I helped by barking!
Dear Auntie Kyles,
I'm glad you agree with me about that tweet thing!
Dear Auntie jmb,
Very trying indeed! She kept writing post after post and I couldn't get to the computer to do important stuff!
Chère Tante Phidelm,
Bonsoir! Je suis très contente d'accueillir une Française, comme moi! Blogger, c'est stupide!
Dear Uncle Gleds,
What a wise man you are! Thank you.
Bonsoir, Uncle James!xx
Dear Chloe,
Your mummy sounds as silly as mine! At least you have a REAL tweet thing! My mummy sends love to yours. xx woof!
Dear Auntie WW,
I'll tell my mummy about that!
Dear Auntie Carol,
Yes, very strange! And I don't understand why humans can't all live in peace together, either! I'll show my mummy what you said about walks, treats and head rubs!
Dear Auntie Cherie,
You are right, I think!
Lots of love to all of you fans,
Simi xx

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Phidelm, this is Simi's mummy. I do accents on blogger using number codes, for example you have to hold down "Alt" and press 130 on the number keys to get é. Do you want me to send you the other Fr accent codes?

Minnie said...

Ah, Welshcakes - how thoughtful of you! Yes, I'd love to have the rest of the codes. Being pedantic, the lack is really vexing me! Px

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Coming right over, Phidelm.


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