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Match the proverbs 1 - 6 with their meanings a - f. Where there is a similar proverb in English, I have used that as the idiomatic translation:

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1. Megghiu giustizia di Diu e no giustizia di lu munnu.

2. Ariu russu: o acqua o ventu; si nun chiovi, fa bon tempu.

3. Vesta longa fa la donna.

4. Biddìzzi e ddinàri nun si puònu ammùcciari.

5. Tutti 'i strati spercinu â çiazza.

6. Cu' spini simina, zarbi arricogghi.

a. As you sow, so shall you reap.

b. A long dress makes the woman.

c. All roads lead to Rome.

d. Red sky brings water or wind; if it doesn't rain, it will be a fine day.

e. Beauty and wealth cannot be hidden.

f. God's justice is better than man's.

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Leslie: said...

I did quite well on helps to know other Romance languages.

James Higham said...

Saggezza nel di lingua italiana

Whispering Walls said...

1f is the easy one. 2d. 3b. 5c (Rome = citta = ciazza?). 6a so 4 must be e (ddinari=denarii=money. never heard of the word biddizzi!)

Saretta said...

Ok, here goes...
1f, 2d, 3b, 4e, 5c, 6a
Did I get it right?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Leslie. Yes, it does. Well done. James, do you measn "La saggezza della lingua italiana"? I'd agree. Well done, WW. "Ciazza" is "piazza" - the Sicilian version has all roads passing through the piazza! All correct, Saretta. Brava!


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