Saturday, August 01, 2009


I was sitting in the Altro Posto this morning, half reading the paper and half musing upon the fact that what Silly Week needed from this blog was a "Marcello" post, when a familiar voice from the terrace called,
"Buongiorno. The sun is up, the sky is blue"
and there he was! Marcello is the man who talks in Beatles lyrics and now I think he must be telepathic as well.

Me: Ciao, Marcello. Come stai?
Marcello: It's getting better all the time, haha! I'll get you anything my friend.
Me: Un caffè, per favore.
[Marcello orders at the counter, then joins me at the table.]
Me: E Silvia, come sta? [Silvia is Marcello's wife and my friend.]
Marcello: She's happy as can be.
Me [quite proud of this]: She said so?
Marcello: Sì, sì, she waits at the window, haha!
[Silvia is much too busy to wait at any window. At this point the waiter brings a very tempting gelato and puts it down in front of me.]
Marcello: 'Ere you are. Cream tangerine and montelimar.
[It is lemon ice cream with strawberries.]
Me: Il tuo lavoro, come va? [How's work?]
[Marcello, even in these hard times, manages to change his job whenever he gets bored.]
Marcello: I quit my job as a policeman and got myself a steady job, haha!
[Don't worry: he has never been a policeman.]
Me: Ah, sì? Cos'è? [Oh, yes? What is it?]
Marcello: Take some insurance on me, baby.
Me: No, grazie. Ti piace questo lavoro? [Do you like this work?]
Marcello: I working eight days a week and in this world there's nothing I would rather do, haha!
Me: Sono contenta per te. [I'm happy for you.]
Marcello: The future still looks good, haha! [Changing his expression to a pathetic one]: So how come no one loves me?
Me: Ma Silvia ti ama! [But Silvia loves you!] She's a woman who understands.
Marcello [feigning being moved to tears]: I wanna hold your hand.
Me: Anytime at all.
Marcello: You speak of time. At twelve o'clock a meeting round the table, haha!
Me [enormously proud this time]: A splendid time is guaranteed for all.
Marcello: We see you. Sunday morning go for a ride?
[I am just about to reply when through the open door I spy......]
Me: Lovely Rita meter maid!
[The female vigile across the road is looking at Marcello's car with interest.]
Me [calling after him]: Salutami Silvia! [Say hello to Silvia!]
Marcello [calling over his shoulder as he sprints across the road]: I got a whole lot of things to tell her when I get home.

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CherryPie said...

It has been a hard day's night!

James Higham said...

I'm trying to remember who was the main man there who served but I don't think it was Marcello.

Minnie said...

Good day, sunshine, Welshcakes. I've got to laugh, and when the sun is out, I've got something to laugh about! (But I had to check the last line ....;-))
What memories - and what fun! Thank you. Vive Marcello! Vive Madame Patricia de Sicile!

Devonshire Dumpling said...

I still feel the need to slap Marcello very hard.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

"And I've been working like a dog" at Silly Week, Cherie! James, Giorgio was and is the manager. I think it was Francesco who was the waiter when you were here. Bonsoir, Phidelm. Vive Phidelm aussi! I'll tell him, DD. He'll probably like that!

jmb said...

Endless entertainment for you while you eat your gelato I'm sure. I think I would be feeling a desperate urge to keep up but would be unable to do so.

Whispering Walls said...

Head for your yellow submarine next time you see him.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, jmb. I can only just about keep up because I've been replaying all my Beatles vinyls! Hi, WW. I might do that!


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