Friday, August 21, 2009


This time I've decided to combine "Foodie Friday" with this week's Sicilian proverbs quiz. So the proverbs or idioms are all about food [or drink] and there are 10, rather than the usual 6.

Match the Sicilian proverbs or idioms 1 - 10 with their meanings a - j. The answers are right below where it says, "Highlight below for answers" - yes, they are there!

1. Ricotta e meli, màncianni vulinteri.

2. Pane e furmaggiu, nè prudu nè dammaggiu.

3. Nun c'è tavula senza vinu, né predica senza Agustinu.

4. Non c'è megghiu sarsa di la fami.

5. Cu mancia fa muddicchi.

6. Çircari 'i puorri.

7. Pani e paraisu vo' siri varagnatu.

8. Siri 'na carrua anfurnata.

9. Cogghìri l'uogghìu sùpra o màccu.

10. Jornu cortu, pisci longu; jornu longu, pisci curtu.

a. To be like a baked carob pod [ie., to be as thin as a rake].

b. You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs [literally, "if you eat you make crumbs"].

c. Go look for leeks [ie., to make excuses].

d. Bread and cheese won't do you any good but they won't do you any harm either.

e. Short days, long fish; long days, short fish [ie., you should eat long fish in winter and short fish in summer].

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f. There's no better sauce than hunger.

g. To collect the oil off broad bean stew [ie., to be so mean that you let nothing escape your grasping hands].

h. Eat as much ricotta and as many apples as you like.

i. There's no table without wine and there's no sermon that doesn't mention St Augustine.

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j. Bread and Paradise have to be earned [ie., nothing is free].

Highlight below for answers [ ie., highlight the space between these 2 lines and the picture]:
1h, 2d, 3i, 4f, 5b, 6c, 7j, 8a, 9g, 10e.


Minnie said...

Just back from the market, Welshcakes, so ca tombe bien!
1)h 2)d 3)i 4)f 5)b 6)c 7)j 8)a 9)g 10)e
Yum, delicious! Thank you et bon ouillequende.

Whispering Walls said...

Regarding the long fish, short fish idea, is that true in Sicily? I suppose sardines are more of a summer dish? Summer=salmon over here which I'd classify as a long fish.

James Higham said...

The St. Augustine one was a bit of a giveaway.

Unknown said...

Hmmmmm... Very few of my sermons mentioned Saint Auggie.

Just how many proverbs are there is Sicily?

Anonymous said...

Amazing how many of these sayings are pretty similar in any culture. Liked the broad beans though..,.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

10 sur dix comme toujours, chère Phidelm. Amitiés. As I don't eat fish, I don't take much notice of it, so I don't know, WW. I'll find out. I suppose it was, James! Hi, Nick. Enough for this series to run and run! Hi, Mutley. I like the broad bean one, too.


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