Saturday, August 19, 2006


An overloaded boat carrying clandestini [illegal would-be immigrants] capsized in the Sicilian Channel in the early hours of this morning. Ten are dead, forty are missing and there are seventy survivors. [The number of missing is an estimate.] - Dreadful, of course, for the poor souls involved and terribly distresssing, as well, for the coastguard, police, doctors and others who have to deal with the tragedy. Five scafisti [the men who transport these desperate people and for whom I cannot think of a sufficiently pejorative epithet] have been arrested.


Maria said...

It's so sad. It scares me to think, that the horrors back in there own homes are so bad they would rather risk there lives by boat to a safe haven. This is so tragic. ~M

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi. Yes, we try to imagine what they are fleeing from and can't. See also my posts entitled "Another Boat, Another Tragedy" of 29th July and "An Answer to my Question" of 2nd August on this.
Another boat has arrived today.


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