Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Back to the meadow [see 9th August] to watch an interpretation of the myth of Persephone / Proserpina [for it is from Sicily that she is believed to have been abducted by Hades / Pluto, her mother Demeter / Ceres having had her shrine at Enna].

I could hardly believe I was in the same place as two weeks ago: this time we were welcomed with refreshments, the performance started on time, the lighting and acoustics were good and even the weather was clement. It was, in fact, quite magical and hearing Persephone's tale in such a setting cast a spell; I had, again, one of those moments when I know exactly why I'm here.

After the recital, the excellent fare served was simple, traditional and local and there was no pushing and shoving to get at it. There were pizze, scacce [focacce], Modican bread and cheese, corncobs, wine if you wanted it and cool water in abundance. Later a delicious smell pervaded the terrace where we were sitting and along came bowls of cavatieddi [a pasta - see next post] followed by grilled sausages.

Everyone went away replete and contented, which shows what a little good organisation can do.

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Maria said...

I just ate dinner but I feel hungry all of the sudden! ~M


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