Thursday, August 03, 2006


There was such a beautiful moon over Sicily last night; viewed through the open shutters, it quite distracted me from watching repeats of "The West Wing" on Fox, old romantic that I am. I'm not an accomplished enough photorapher to have been able to take a good picture of it. It reminded me of the night of the moon landing in 1969: I was in the village of Foppolo in the Italian Alps with Mario, my boyfriend of the time and other friends, and I remember we all went out on the balcony to gaze at the moon after the announcement, with the above song playing on the TV in the background. I suppose Italian TV must have reported the technology and Armstrong's words, like the rest of the world, but all I can remember are the songs about the moon being sung! But then, I was nineteen, I was in Italy and I was in love!

On a more sombre note, the well-lit sky brought two new boatloads of clandestini to Lampedusa. EU commissioners have now arrived to monitor the situation.

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