Wednesday, August 23, 2006


3.30 pm and I have just been to the big Di Meglio supermarket. It proved a great time to shop as there was hardly anyone there. None of the checkouts were staffed at this quiet hour but the girl at the Customer Services desk said, "Prego" and indicated a checkout. "Questo?" ["this one?"] I asked, before beginning to unload my trolley and she nodded, then changed her mind and asked me to go to a different one. I nearly had another "British moment" and a strop but decided against it. Staff would not do that to you in a British supermarket without helping you move your purchases [unless you were in regimented old Marks & Spencer, where it might happen] and they could also do with some packers in supermarkets here. So I would say that they still have a lot to learn regarding customer services. Perhaps a trip to a UK Tesco is in order for the staff? [To economise, they could travel with the post office employees, who need to visit a UK branch!]

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