Tuesday, August 29, 2006


It seems only fair to list these as well:

1. Poor service in hotels, bars and restaurants.
2. Horrible, long, tasteless cups of coffee.
3. Being served tap water instead of mineral water.
4. Net curtains.
5. Icy pavements.
6. The sheer stress of work in Britain, with targets, appraisals and number-crunching all the time.
7. Having to make appointments for everything.
8. Hospital waiting lists.
9. Feeling threatened when a group of youngsters strides towards you, even in broad daylight.
10. Fast food.
11. "Doctored" fruit.
12. Being unable to use my languages [except at work] because nobody expects you to know any, other than English!
13. The fact that the poor eat entirely different food from the rich.
14. Grey mornings, grey afternoons and darkness at 3pm in winter.
15. Seaside resorts with cafés that are as dismal as the grey sea.
16. "Match days" in Cardiff, when the whole city has to be inconvenienced for the sake of a couple of hours' footie or rugby. [Sports fan I ain't!]
17. Screaming tabloids.
18. Litter everywhere.
19. Four by four [SUV] owners with a "Get off the road - I'm on it" attitude.
20. Hourly expecting to be blown up.

Hey, that's more things I don't miss than I do! This has got to be good!


beethoven writes said...

ok, you've sold it to me. i leave england tomorrow!


Maria said...

I love this list ... what an inspiration! Take Care and be well always.. love m.

Ballpoint Wren said...

Holy cow, WL, a lot of the stressful things you mention are common in the U.S., too, except the fear of being blown up, but I fear that is coming soon.

Our world is changing, and not in a good way.

Mark McLellan said...

I would add "Having to queue at the bar to get a drink". Most every else in Europe you sit at a table and someone comes and takes your order and brings your drink to the table.


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