Friday, August 04, 2006


Granite are flavoured sugar syrups which have been frozen. The ice is then broken up or crushed to serve them. They are very popular here in the summer and are often served with, or in, a brioche. It's great fun comparing the different textures - ranging from grainy to extremely melty - in the various bars [which I do only in the interest of blog research, of course!]
A lot of the bars make their own ice cream and offer mouth-watering combinations.
The photos show:
1] Granita al limone from Bar Fargione in the Via Sacro Cuore.
2] Granita alla pesca [peach] from Bar Eiffel [the one where, at other times of the year, the men gather].
3] Black cherry and lemon ice cream from Bar Ciacera in Modica Bassa.
4] Melon and pistacchio ice cream from my favourite L'Altro Posto.
5] The Altro Posto's black cherry and fruits of the forest ice cream.


Ballpoint Wren said...

The black cherry and lemon one looks GOOD.

I need to do research like this!

horsey said...

ok you have made me hungry they look fantastic.

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