Thursday, August 10, 2006


- That's what I've been in today. First of all the water supply dried up again late last night after being on only intermittently during yesterday - it is back on now - then the post office surpassed itself this morning as I waited one hour and ten minutes just to pay a bill. [See post entitled "Post Office Traumatic Stress Disorder" dated May 3rd. ] Really, it is ridiculous. The queue was four abreast and snaked out of the door; it was hot and the place isn't air-conditioned; what's more, there are only six chairs. [People accept it if you say to the person behind you that you have to sit down and you can rejoin the queue later. However, all the chairs were taken this morning.] There was only one window open for bill-paying, with the "business" counter lady occasionally rather brusquely dealing with customers from our queue. There are plenty of other clerks in there sitting at computers; what are they doing?
Still, that's nothing compared to the poor people waiting in airports today. I've only just been reading about the foiled plot in Britain. Italian airports have announced that only documents and medicines can be taken on board flights for Britain, the USA and Israel. Apparently some women in British airports are claiming that make-up is an essential item; I don't want to be facetious but it is!

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beethoven writes said...

oh no! makeup is useless!


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