Tuesday, August 01, 2006


More on shoes: very high espadrilles are being worn, tied with criss-cross ribbons a few inches above the ankle. There are also elegant, kitten-heeled sandals decorated with dangly jewels.

I don't feel stupid carrying a large handbag here; I did, in Britain, where before I left the things had become so minuscule that you might as well not have bothered. What does it say, carrying a tiny handbag or none at all? "I'm so beautiful I don't need any make-up" or ,"I've got a man to pay for everything for me" or even, "I'm so powerful I've got minions to carry stuff for me". Anyway, here you can carry any size of handbag you want, as long as it's stylish!

And that goes for the men as well. They sensibly carry smart, leather bags slung over one shoulder to the waist, cartridge-belt style, and no one goes around shouting the equivalent of "poofter" at them. I remember that the male handbag enjoyed a brief heyday in the early seventies and a Belgian teaching colleague was ridiculed for using one in school. But that's Britain for you!

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Ballpoint Wren said...

Heh! I would love to be able to proclaim that I have minions to carry my stuff for me!

But what is "stylish"??? I hate shopping because I can't see how one thing is more stylish than another. I truly need a minder to take me out shopping and save me from expensive mistakes.


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