Sunday, August 27, 2006


An enjoyable outing last night to a concert in the charming Teatro Garibaldi in Modica Bassa. The programme was an ambitious one of Mozart, Rossini and Verdi in the first half and jazz and swing in the second. The artistes were young people from all over Italy who had been on a week's course here in Modica. The first half items were interspersed with readings from Mozart's letters, which were interesting and shed new light on some of the works.

There is no bar in the theatre [this is normal in Italy] so there was a stampede to the one next door during the interval.

Everything was performed with brio, I must say, and on the door was an attentive barista from one of the cafés I frequent, so I got my hand kissed con molto brio as well!

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Maria said...

Such a gentleman! Wow! I'm telling you limonchello I would love to jum through the page here and be there.


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