Saturday, January 13, 2007


Continuing yesterday's dog poo theme, a neighbour of mine recently told a friend that I am the only person he has ever seen cleaning up such mess. Is this how I am to be remembered, then? - Not as la signora inglese [gallese - Welsh, as I've mentioned, being an unknown concept to most Sicilians], la signora bionda, quella del gin-tonic or even quella col cane ["the one with the dog"], but as quella che raccoglieva gli escrementi del cane? This is not quite what I planned for my tombstone; I'd been thinking more along the lines of Dorothy Parker's

And let her loves, when she is dead
Write this about her bones:
"No more she lives to give us bread
Who asked for only stones."
Still, I suppose there are worse epitaphs, though right now I can't think of one!
There is a law in Italy, similar to the one we have in the UK, regarding dog fouling in public places, by the way, and a while ago I read about a blind man in Vittoria [the" fruit bowl of Sicily"] being prosecuted because his guide dog had fouled the pavement. Now, that's taking it a bit far!


Liz Hinds said...

There's a good story about dog poo here

Lee said...

I'm a big fan of the writings of Dorothy Parker. I've a couple of books here on her...and have read them a few times. Plus, I've seen the movie, "Mrs Parker" a couple of times as well with Jennifer Jason Leigh playing the part of Dorothy Parker. If you've not seen it, Welsh...see if you can find the DVD or video somewhere...if not in Sicily, it will be available through Amazon for sure.

James Higham said...

This Welsh gourmet, to Sicily’s shore,
Pursued by ex-lovers ever more,
Set up with Simi a life of ease
To greet each evening the Scirocco breeze.

All I could do for now, sorry but I'm working on it.

And why are your word verifications always like a fine wine? Ambua.

James Higham said...

Er ... I did comment yesterday, with a poem. It seems to ahve been eaten by Simi.

Maria said...

What a beautiful epitath. Trust me we won't think of you as the "lady of the excrement" *yuck* it will be more along the lines of the "lady with the great food palete and the mummy of Simi!" ~M

So macabre. lol

Lee said...

Looks like blogger has gobbled up another of my comments! Will someone hurry up and feed him, please! ;)

Anonymous said...

Well done, I wish more people would clear up behind their dogs.

I always have a thinplastic bag in my pocket in case Bulldog Frieda gets 'caught out' in town. Just put it over hourhand and forearm, scoop up the (warm, soft!) shit,
carefully turn the bag inside-out , tie a knot and drop it in a rubbish bin :-)

PS: Came here via Liz :)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Liz. I will have a look. Lee, thanks. I'll look for the DVD on Amazon. Love the poem , James, and so does Simi. Thank you. Never thought about that re the word verifications! thanks, M. I am relieved, so to speak! Hello again, Stu. We dog-owners have got it all down to a fine art, haven't we?! Auguri to all from Simi and me.


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