Saturday, January 06, 2007


Today Italian children will hope to have had a visit, during the night, from the good witch, La Befana, whose name is a corruption of Epifania. The legend is explained in detail here.

I am rather attached to my Befana puppet in the top picture, although she lost a finger during the move to Italy and is getting on a bit now. She was made by a Sicilian artist and was given to me by friend Giancarlo during my first Christmas visit to Sicily. I bought the Befana in the second photo yesterday, simply because she looks as if she might cheer me up [for I will need cheering up after tomorrow as I always get really sad when it's time to take the Christmas decorations down].

Well, Irma and family are coming to dinner tonight so I'd better get cooking! I hope you all have a good day, whether you celebrate this festival or not.


Ballpoint Wren said...

Taking the decorations down always makes me sad, too. Putting them up is fun, all except for the lights and our faux tree.

Anonymous said...

Today is 3 Kings day in Germany. The church has some kids dress up like the 3 kings and a few other folks. They go around and tell a story and collect money. Unfortunately I was out when they came by. I know they were here because they chalk the initials of the 3 Kings and the date on the top of the front door.

Anonymous said...

In Germany they a witch that is similar. A small witch that hangs in the kitchen. I think it's for good luck. We don't have one or I'd post a picture.

Bill Haydon said...

Interesting stuff...I had never heard of this before. We had the mass for the epiphany today and sang lots of carols, which seemed completely out of place in this post-holiday season, and only served to add to my general January malaise.

Maria said...

Loved these my Mom always had one up not only for the Holiday but in out kitchen always... ~M

Betty said...

I don't like taking down the decorations either, so I leave them up! I always threaten to leave them up until Easter, but that's never happened. Eventually, even I will get tired of them. They kind of help to brighten up the cold, dark winter.


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