Monday, January 15, 2007


A gentleman who lives in one of the apartments opposite has just rung the doorbell and he has brought me a pack of 6 bottles of mineral water from the supermarket. Usually, I see him when I am walking Simi and he tells me when he is going shopping in his car and asks if I need water. But this evening, as we had somehow missed each other, he just assumed that I did. [Yes, the tap water here is drinkable but even in the UK, I had the continental habit of drinking only mineral water; I just prefer the taste.] This thoughtfulness makes my day to day life so much easier! In Britain, no one would notice that you didn't have transport, or if they did take the fact in, it wouldn't occur to them that occasionally this can be a problem -if you were looking fit and capable, that is; it's not meanness, just an assumption that you don't need help, combined with maybe a very British wish not to intrude.
The other day I was chatting to a friend on my mobile in the Altro Posto when bleeeeeep! - the battery went. The waiter came straight over with a charger for me to use. Would a barman be that attentive in Britain? I think not. It gives a whole new meaning to a girl's vision of knights and chargers, doesn't it?! Perhaps it's the modern version!
These Sicilian kindnesses mean a great deal to me.


CityUnslicker said...

This is a nice story. The cultural mix in much of the Uk has reached the tipping point now where people are too scared to help for fear of causing offence.

This reinforces peoples' belief in not trsuting strangers and a vicious circle is begun....

Glad to hear Sicily avoids this.

Lee said...

This is amazing, Welsh! How wonderful to be surrounded by such thoughtfulness...something that seems to be going out of fashion everywhere these days.

Maria said...

In life when things can be so crummy sometimes it is amazing to see kindness exsist! All the best my friend! ~M

Anonymous said...

Kindness means a lot to me too. Are they as kind as this to everyone? Or is it because you are an attractive blonde Enlgish woman?

Your waiter's attentiveness was quite amazing, I've never heard of that before.

Anonymous said...

I commented on this yesterday, it doesn't seem to be posted, just testing again.

Lee said...

I replied to this post yesterday. I know I did...maybe it's blogger...'he' just doesn't like me or what I say! ;)

I think that is wonderful...the extension of a hand in kindness, from both your neighbour and the waiter. Such concern for the welfare of another is a rare thing these days...unfortunately.

Now, blogger take heed...extend you hand in kindness and post my comment this time! ;)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Lee. I certainly didn't get your previous comment on this post, so thanks for trying again. Yes, a rare thing indeed, as you say.
It seems blogger is listening to you, at least!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Cityunslicker, at last I have found and been able to post your comment! Sorry I am so stupid. Yes, I am very disturbed by what I read of the situation back there and here the press actually reports that it "doesn't want to make the mistakes that have been made in Britain". And they have a point.
People here think they have a problem with immigration but to a British eye, they don't - yet. When I came "home" in October the cultural mix was one of the refreshing things that struck me about my own island but I understand what you are saying and have been very worried about it for a long time.
Ellee, I think they are this kind to anyone who speaks their language and appreciates their culture. Gosh, you increase my confidence!
M, Hi. Yes, it is cheering in this world, isn't it?


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