Friday, January 12, 2007


I have spent a pleasant few hours leafing through the gift catalogue of the supermarket I use the most, because I have to use my punti, of which I have 5, 600, by the end of the month. Of course, I know they are not really “giving” me anything at all, and it would be much simpler if they just sent money-off coupons as most chains do in Britain, or better still, lowered their prices all round. But this opportunity for procrastination is surely a lot more fun!

Maths not being my strong point, do bear with me a minute. 5, 600 points… ummm … I could have:

A set of proper pasta pans including a stainless steel pasta drainer for 5750 points – too many – but you can have it for 4500 points plus 20 euros. If I do that, I can also get a smart, stainless steel doofer for chopping vegetables for 1000 points. [I do so like gadgets and the food processor is a bind to wash…] But I wouldn’t have anything pretty to put in my lounge and I don’t have any cupboard space left in my kitchen.


A pure cotton furniture throw in a Moroccan design for 1500 points plus a pair of matching cushions for 1000 points. 3100 points left over. I could have 2 more cushions for 1000, plus a stainless steel sphere thing for cooking rice in for 500 and still have the chopping thing, which I really want. But hang on, if I have a cotton throw, that’s another item that will require ironing and I can cook rice perfectly well in a pan. I’d have 600 points left over and there’s nothing else for that amount that I fancy.


A pretty single bedspread for 3750 points or 3000 plus 12 euros. But then I’d want the bed linen set to match and that’s 2250 points, so no vegetable chopper. And they’d have to be stored as I’d only be getting them in case of a visitor from the UK announcing their imminent arrival. No, let’s leave that till I need it. Bed linen can be purchased cheaply enough here, anyway.


I could blow all the points on a more powerful vacuum cleaner. No! What am I thinking of?! How boring and besides, it would have to be used, not looked at!!

All this reminds me of my Mum poring over Embassy cigarette coupons catalogues 40 years ago. I still have a casserole dish she got from one. I bet she never imagined that it, and I, would end up in Sicily!!

UPDATE: I went for the pasta pans, together with the vegetable chopper.


Anonymous said...

They sound very generous gifts, I think I would have gone for the pasta pans too. I think I would like a set for myself, are they available in the UK?

James Higham said...

Well yes, on balance. But how attached were you to the old bedspread?

Ballpoint Wren said...

I still have the tiny dresser and the blue suitcase I got from our Green Stamp books back in 1975 or '76.

Say what you will about your punti, it sounds a lot more fun than clipping coupons--which I always forget to bring to the store any way.

Anonymous said...

I think you made the right decision. Can't wait to see the results after you put it to work.

Liz Hinds said...

My gran collected Green Shield stamps.

I'm the same with the M&S voucher I found (dateless); it seems far more important that I spend it in just the right way.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I don't know, Ellee. Haven't got them yet as they will take a while to arrive. You need "pazienza" with this as with everything else in Sicily! I'll photograph them and post when they come, though.
James, oh, very!!
Bonnie, I'm the same with clipping coupons! I do it then leave them at home or put them "somewhere safe" and find them after the expiry date!
I'll post the result, Steve.
Agree with you, Liz.


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