Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Sicilian proverb:
Un sittembri càudu e asciuttu maturari fa ogni fruttu
= "A hot, dry September ripens every fruit."
And a hot, dry September is what we have mostly, fortunately, had. However, tonight we are in for the severe weather that has affected the Italian mainland: it is raining, the Scirocco is blowing and it is looking very dark and inhospitable out there. [Even Simone is not too keen on going for a walk right now!] So I'd better turn off the computer before we get thunder and lightning. [I've got a torch in each room in case the electricity goes off!]


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good night. It was dry here, warmish too, September is always my favourite month. I love the mellowness and smells of autumn leaves.

Mark McLellan said...

A torch in every room. Sound advice. We are the last electricity pole at the end of the valley and darkness is deep when the power goes. We only have a torch in the main room but more is a very good plan. Thanks for the idea.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Ellee. Thank you, I had a better night than I expected. The storm blew itself out by midnight. Then it rained very heavily at 6am, which cleared the air. I miss "golden autumn".
Hi, Mark. I'm quite amazed at myself, really, as I'm not usually that practical!


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