Wednesday, September 27, 2006


It's refreshing to see the autumn ranges in.
Very high, wedged shoes again.
Gladstone bags in all sorts of patterns.
Still lots of jewels and motifs on bags. [I saw a dream of a black one with white cameo motifs stitched onto it today. If I don't buy it till tomorrow, I'll have been a good girl, won't I?! - That's how my financial logic goes.]
Lots of suede accessories. [I always ruined suede boots and shoes in the rain in Britain. Perhaps I'll have more success with the material here.]

An aside: whoever is doing Cherie's make-up this week, will they please come to Modica and do mine?! The Italian press is as keen as the British media to know whether she did or did not call Gordy a liar!

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Anonymous said...

I prefer stilettoes to wedges, though I did wear some this summer. I do love the Italian style, suede too is lovely, I've always longed for a beige, suede jacket but, as you say, it's the maintenance in the UK that is a problem. So do go ahead and treat yourself. I imagine you have a very fine Italian wardrobe.


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