Sunday, September 24, 2006


After the meal we came back to Modica and went up to San Giorgio where a son et lumière was taking place. It was based on Italo Calvino's Le Città Invisibili. San Giorgio was beautifully lit for the occasion, there was medieval music playing and there was a graceful dancer on the steps. Every now and then a sort of will-o'-the-wisp lighting effect was projected onto the side wall of the church.

It was a perfect cool, breezy, starlit Sicilian evening. Giovanna and I ambled through the old, narrow streets, looking up at the Baroque balconies bathed in moonlight. The heady perfume of jasmine was all around us.

Later I sat on the wall near San Giorgio, watching the dancing with the candles glowing on the steps and the soft lights of Modica Alta on the hill above me. And I thought, "Yes, when I am in some ghastly old folks' home, propped up in a high-backed chair with a rug over my knees, staring into space and dribbling away, I shall smile to myself: for I will have the memory of this jasmine-scented Mediterranean night to hold in my heart."


Maria said...

OK... I have never felt jealousy so strong while reading a post!
That sounded like something out of one of my dreams....So happy you were there to enjoy it and fill us all in! Be well always,

Maria said...

Just want to know you have been tagged! *So sorry* really I am. See my last blog for Sunday night on my blog entry for details. Thanks~M

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, what a wonderful experience. I last went to a son et lumier in France, the birthplace of Victor Hugo, where local people acted his play Les Miserables using real horse and fireworks in the grounds of a castle. All the rooms were taken so we camped out in the grounds of the castle, with a lovely stream gushing clear water, it was a very special night too.

I thought you might like to see this link from yesterday's Observer on the slave labour story:,,1879635,00.html

There's also a feature in The Sunday Times home section about buying up in Sicily - so expect a few more Brits soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, you might like this site, the air hostess is in Lake Como right now. Hope you are ok.


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