Monday, September 04, 2006


"Only" ten minutes to post two parcels to the UK this morning, followed by a fifty-minute wait in the other queue to pay a bill as just the one bancoposta counter was open yet again today. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH THEM IN THERE?! And what kind of transcations can people be carrying out that take fifteeen to twenty minutes to complete? When I did get to the counter, the clerk decided it was time for her to have a chat with the colleague next to her. OK, it was only for a moment or two, but when you have been waiting that long, you would like some attention! [Such rudeness is not typical here, I must add.] Come on, staff, you have clients who have been waiting fifty minutes and you can't be bothered to look them in the eye and say, "Buongiorno"?! When, oh, when, are you going to take that training trip to Cardiff Hayes Post Office, Wales, UK?!


David said...

It doesn't even sound as if they are doing rudeness with style.

Ballpoint Wren said...

Some of my worst moments have been spent in the post office! The only worse place is the Department of Motor Vehicles.


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