Tuesday, September 19, 2006


"Good morning, lady Mary", says the clerk proudly in the bank where I pay the rent. [Mary is my second name so of course appears on my passport which, this being Italy, I have to show every time I carry out this transaction.]


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine anyone being as polite as this in a UK bank.

Mark McLellan said...

I must ask my Mary if she got that on her visit to the bank last week.

We *did* open a bank account in Italy, got our fiscal code and everything. But then we needed it to set up a direct debit to the electricity company and write cheques to our architect, furniture shops, etc. And probably will need it for local, city taxes and so on.

Also it is handy to have an Italian ATM card (especially after what you wrote in your previous post). We transferred a lump of money over using a specialist current exchange company to get a better rate. Then draw on that as we need while in Italy.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Ellee. No, I don't suppose they would be.
Hi, Mark. Thanks for your helpful comment. Not owning any property in Italy, I thought I could manage without an Italian account but as you say, an Italian ATM card would be useful, especially in an emergency. Basically I am useless at anything to do with money, hate it and leave it as long as things are ticking over!


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