Friday, September 22, 2006


Look closely at the shutter at the top of the escalator: 2pm and [nearly] everything is closed. I can understand it in the full heat of summer, but not in other seasons.

That I want to live in Italy I have no doubt, but, city woman that I am, I sometimes think I would be better off in the north or at least in a bigger city here. But I couldn't afford to live in either and I wouldn't have the wonderful friends I have here.

I think these feelings are entirely normal: as an ex-pat., some days you are on top of the world whilst on others you are really pissed off [American readers: in British English that means "fed up", not "angry"] at things you knew about in the first place.

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Maria said...

That would drive me crazy...
Here things are closed on Sundays and sometimes it drives me crazy! ~M


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