Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I write about fifteen minutes after the end of the match. In the end, I watched it all [and, I must admit, thought it would never finish and that I couldn't bear it!]

I don't know about "football being less loved" any more as the shouts I heard from outside during the whole, agonising partita were very passionate! And Simi and I have just been out to enjoy the atmosphere; loud car horns, mostly, with vehicles speeding by sporting two or three Italian flags. [Where have they hidden them all till now?!]

"L'ho fatto io!" [= "It's down to me!" ], I shouted across at the neighbour on his balcony the moment the match ended, pointing to my Tricolore at the same time. [I'm the only one in the street to have flown one today, though they have been in evidence in other streets and outside bars, etc.] He has got his flag out now - a little late in the day, if you ask me. Could it be that the Italians are basically a less optimistic people than we are, after all?

Oh, yeh, I'm still the one who hates sport, has no team spirit, etc...

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