Saturday, July 22, 2006


Some news items:

Today has been the hottest day of this summer all over Italy, with a temperature of 38 C being reported in Florence. Here the weather forecasters say it is 32 C but I'm pretty sure it is hotter than that! A national heat helpline has been set up during the past 24 hours.
At this time of year, you see notices around begging people not to abandon their pets when they go on holiday. Only a very small percentage of the Italian pet-owning public does this but it is shocking that it happens at all. ENPA [the equivalent of the RSPCA] is listing pet-friendly hotels on its site.
"We'll build the bridge at all costs", says the Regional President [referring to the Messina project thrown out by the Prodi government]. The unions here are talking of staging a massive demonstration in Rome.

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