Tuesday, July 25, 2006


1] "What's this blowy thing, then?"
2] "I guess it's OK as my Mum seems relaxed."
3] "Oh, well, I might as well enjoy it, too!"

We had it put in last week and, in a temperature of 44 C I'm jolly glad we did! Now we can enjoy our afternoons in the lounge . Air conditioning in your house is a real luxury in the UK as, indeed, it used to be here, but now more and more people have it in Sicily as the climate changes and the summers become even hotter for even longer. It's yet another appliance to worry about in one way, as I have to remember that I can't have it switched on at the same time as the washing machine or oven [and when the oven is on is, conceivably, when I might really need the air conditioning!] However, pazienza; I am learning that you can't have everything... [See post entitled "An Electric Shock" dated July 5th.]

I was, again, impressed by the efficiency of the Sicilian workmen who installed it: they toiled for three hours in the late afternoon heat without pausing for a sip of water. [I don't know how they manage it!]

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beethoven writes said...

44 is criminally hot! I was in Sicily in April/May 2003. Even then it was in the high 20's every day. I stayed west of Pallermo in a place called Ballestrate.


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