Thursday, July 13, 2006


I've always said that someone, somewhere, would publish them one day: this week the Italian magazine Chi has published one of the paparazzi photos of the dying Diana, taken just after the crash. [I see that "The Sun" has this story online now.]

This is hardly a "scoop" to be proud of, Italy; I'm not sure it's even journalism, nine years after the Princess' death. But the book from which it is taken, along with some other shots and gruesome details from the post-mortem report, is shortly to be published in France and then all over the world, and I suppose it will be yet another sensation though it seems that it will tell us very little that is new.
If the photo can upset me - as it would anyone with an ounce of human feeling - what will it do to the Princess' family? I'm sure the Princes will be protected, as they must have been before when there have been rumours of copies of these photographs circulating, but it must affect them nevertheless .

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Alan Smithee said...

Alan Smithee agrees completely. I also liked this crticism.


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