Thursday, July 06, 2006


I am absolutely fuming tonight as we have had no running water in the apartment block since about midday. It's the capo-condominio's [ tenant in charge of administration] job to call the Comune about it and, if she is not here as I suspect [like many Modicans, she is probably away in her sea or country retreat by now] then it falls to another lady in the block. You interfere with this hierarchy at your peril and the requisite phone number has deliberately been made difficult to find in any case.
Earlier I spent a good few minutes assuring the new young gentleman tenant above that it would be all right, that the lorry could even appear as late as 10pm - I'm assuring him and I'm not even Italian??! - and now it's 11.45pm Italian time and where is it? Nowhere to be seen!
This is the one thing that makes me want to go home: yes, I know people in other parts of the world have difficulty accessing clean water but I'll be honest and say that that knowledge does not help me. You can only compare with what you know. [I have never been healthy or brave enough to do VSO or some other service that would have made me count my blessings. Sorry.]
All I can think is, again, that we are in western Europe and this can happen! This is an island, for god's sake! How can they be short of water?! [Surely the sea water could be used to alleviate the problem? I understand they use it for flushing the loos in Hong Kong!]
Well, Sicily, if you want tourists or financially independent EU settlers, you are going to have to sort this! It is bloody stupid!

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