Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Yes, folks, even though I have no interest in sport and have absolutely no team spirit, I am proudly flying the Italian flag from my clothesline today!

Last week Raffaele asked me what I'd do if Italy had to face England in the World Cup final. I said I'd support Italy, England not being Wales [ a concept, by the way, that is not understood by many Italians].

I cannot, dear readers, explain to you the ins and outs of the football scandal that the Italian press has dubbed Calciopoli [the - poli suffix being a reference to the Tangentopoli financial scandal of some years ago] as I cannot read sports news, even when it touches on the political, for more than five minutes without falling asleep. But I can tell you that Raffaele, for one, is of the opinion that, because of several scandals of this type, football is not as universally loved in Italy as it used to be.

Well, tonight I might - just might - watch some of the match. The Italian team does have good-looking players, after all!

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