Wednesday, July 19, 2006


- Well, nearly: a storm in the Siracusa area put the lights out over much of the island on Monday night. Simi and I were just coming up in the lift after our evening walk when the thing seemed to groan and I thought, "Oh, no, power cut and we're in the bloody lift!" Luckily the machine croaked onwards and upwards and we got out just as the power went - only momentarily in Modica. Many people were trapped in lifts elsewhere for up to a couple of hours, though. [Short power cuts being common here, I always make sure I've got my phone and a bottle of water when I use the lift but I'm still terrified of being trapped in it.]

The irony is that Sicily is a producer of electrical energy and so the regional papers are asking why a storm which was by no means the most violent we have had should have put the power out for so long over such a wide area.

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