Thursday, November 23, 2006


We've been "tagged" twice today, that is, I've been tagged by Ellee and Simi has been tagged by Liz. So I'll do mine first as Simi is still having a think. [She is very honoured to be tagged and sends love and wags to Harvey.]

1. Not love my dog.
2. Go out without my lipstick on. [I could fill up the next 3 by substituting mascara / perfume / earrings for lipstick but that's not in the spirit of the thing, so I won't.]
3. Take up a sport.
4. Throw out or give away a book I have read. ["I am what I've read" - that's my motto!]
5. Watch reality shows.
6. Touch a spider.
7. Do another day's supply teaching in a British secondary school. [Paper and books are thrown at you, you are sworn at and even threatened and if that's all that happens you are having a good day. On the last occasion when I let myself in for this type of rehearsal for hell there were 5 of us supplies in the school: one walked out in disgust at morning break, one did the same at lunchtime, one fainted and the other fell down the stairs drunk! I was the only one who lasted the day and I swore, "never again".]
8. Let my hair go grey. [I haven't seen my natural colour since I was about 14 so why start now?!]
9. Stop loving Italy.
10. Conform!

I now tag Liz and Laugh More, Love More.

Ok, here's Simi's:
I'm not weird at all but my mummy thinks I am when I:

1. Shake my rope toy at her when she is in the bath. [I only want her to hurry up so I can have my walk!]
2. Bark at motorbikes. [Well, there are so many of them in Italy and I want a ride on one!]
3. Decide I want a game of "tug" at 6 am. [She never seems all that pleased when I do that!]
4. Hide from lorries when we are out. [I'm a lot lower down than my mummy and they spit things from under their wheels!]

5. Bark at cars that use my street. ["You don't own it", she says. - That's what she thinks!]
6. Oh, and she thinks it's uncanny that I can tell the time perfectly. Humans just can't work out how we dogs do it! As my new friend Harvey says, they're not as intelligent as us!

We're not sure which bloggers we know like to be tagged but we think Ellee ['cos she says nice things about me] and Bonnie ['cos I like Mojo the bulldog] won't mind.

Oh! That reminds me! My mummy and I wish all American dogs and humans a Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Welshcakes, This is a bit trickier, please be patient for a reply, I will have to pass this evening as I am soon going out to an office reunion and am out all day tomorrow with Hans Blix and other notables talking about Iraq, I've got a hectic couple of days, plus all my studies and work and family.

I'm not going to let my hair go grey either, and I always wear my lippy and plan to grow old disgracefully. We have lots in common.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Ellee. Don't worry about it! It's only a bit of fun, as you have said on your site. Glad I'm not the only lippy fiend!

Ellee Seymour said...

If I give you a couple of ideas, will be let me off the rest, I can't think of six examples, but:

1) I like wearing bedsocks as I get very cold feed

2) I rub lots of vaseline on my hands and feet at night to keep them soft - every cheap and very effective.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Ellee. I wear bedsocks sometimes, too! Can't get vaseline here. I missed it at first as I used to use it as a lipsalve in cold weather. But I have found a lanolin-less lipsalve here that I am not allergic to now.

Ballpoint Wren said...

Ha! Mojo doesn't have a Blogger account, so I'll have to post this for him. Please be patient, as he is not very good at dictating--he's too easily distracted.

by Mojo Wren

1. Okay, okay, so I love stinky things. Don't all dogs? Only humans think that is weird. Help me out here, Simi, you foxy lady, you! There is NOTHING in the world better than a roll in something good and stinky!

2. There's a human lady my friend Clara takes care of, and I can't stand it when she sings! When she starts singing I jump up and start barking!

Of course, it would be rude to bark directly AT her, so I bark at the wall, instead, hoping she'll get the hint. She usually does.

3. I hate baths. My human keeps telling me all dogs LOVE baths but I know she's just trying to trick me. I used to LOVE baths, but that was when she brought liver treats into the shower with us. Even when they get soggy, liver treats can make ANYTHING bearable.

4. Even though I hate baths, I love it when my human cleans my tail pocket. I guess some bulldogs don't have them, but I do. My human says it's like a giant belly button. It gets itchy, so when my human reaches for the cleaner she uses, I RUN and stand next to her, just to make sure she doesn't change her mind and do something really weird, like try to clip my toenails.

5. The more I think about it, there's nothing weird about me, but there is plenty weird about my human! Like how she gets all bent out of shape when she finds me on the couch, or chewing on a shoe. What a nut! Ah, well, I still love her anyway.

6. Teenage boys are TRES STINKY, and therefore a must-have for any household. Ah, the wondrous sniffing opportunities they offer. Simi, darling, you haven't LIVED until you've sniffed one.

Maria said...

Thank you very much for the meme's I will be posting asap! I am back and will be writing more regularly and I do hope you'll be back to visit! Thanks Again. Thanksgiving here was great, a wonderful day of food *(a bit much I must say), giving thanks and american football! ~M


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