Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Hello, folks, it's Simi! Our weather has changed so my mummy has bought me another new coat, especially for the rain. I think I look a very smart dog in it. Last night we had our first storm for a month so I had to look after my mummy. She says it's all right but I know she's scared. She should just bark at the thunderclaps, like me!

But humans are awfully peculiar, sometimes. The other day when we were out a man stopped us to ask mummy if I bite. I looked sweet but I was thinking, "Only if you lay a hand on her!" Mummy explained that I am friendly and then he said, "Get away from me - you're scaring me!" As my mummy muttered, why did he stop and talk to us, then? Although most people we meet when we go for a walk talk to me and pet me now, I've noticed that these Italian humans are more wary of dogs in general than British people are. And when they come to the house they don't want their faces washed. They don't seem to like having their heads sat upon, either! I suppose it takes all sorts of humans, just as it takes all sorts of dogs, to make a world....


Anonymous said...

I think Simi needs a rainhat to finish off that very smart outfit. It has been raining cats and dogs here too! Is that an Italian saying as well.

My post seems to have upset a Russian blogger, but then it is good to be provocative. Your comments are always so well reasoned and considered. They are also much appreciated.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Buona sera, Ellee. Yes, I'm sure a rainhat would suit her and I will look for one!
Thank you for what you say re my comments. I worry about them as I don't like to upset anyone! Your site is so readable because you research your articles so well and that's why you attract such diverse and interesting comment.
Nearly forgot! The Ital saying is "piove a catinelle" which would mean, literally,"raining basins" but I'd translate it as "cats and dogs" if I were doing translation work. Idioms are nearly always different, but mean the same, if you see what I mean.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

The comment about Italian humans is interesting. It's a similar situation in Spain. Apparently, according to my mate David, who lives couth of Valencia, us Brits tend to have large dogs which are normally docile. Whereas, so he explained, on the Continent dogs which are pets tend to be small. Humans get wary of large dogs as they tend to be hunting dogs.


Anonymous said...

Bore da, Simi, Harvey here.

Humans never fail to astound me. They're always going on about how you mustn't talk to strangers but when I ignore someone (someone I don't know from Adam) who is offering me a biscuit, they tell me off for being rude!

They're just not as smart as we are, that's the trouble.

And another thing, how do they expect me to know who's friendly if I'm not allowed to sniff them?

Speak again soon!

Anonymous said...

I wonder where the saying about raining cats and dogs originated from, raining basins sounds even stranger.

You've been memed by me today, I'm afraid, hope you don't mind, but I think you will enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Welshcakes, let me try again. Nice outfit for Simi.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Very interesting, jeremycj. Simi, as you have seen, is a small dog [who makes up for that by being feisty] but a lot of my Italian friends keep large dogs at their country homes purely as guard dogs. Then they are amazed at me as I pet Simi so much and will not leave her outside. When I first arrived here, several of them thought I'd be leaving her on the balcony whilst I was out. As if I'd leave my baby on the balcony! But there are other dogs who are petted as much as she is around here and one lives right opposite so they have fun barking at each other.
Harvey, this is Simi. Nice to meet you and I totally agree. Humans are just not very bright, that's the trouble! Keep in touch. Wags.
Ellee, I'll try and find out.
Steve, thanks for trying again. Simi is pleased that you like her outfit. On the comment that for some reason this thing won't let me get on here, you ask if many Italians have pets. -Not as many Itals as Brits own pets and that may have to do with the fact that a lot of people live in flats. And here in Sicily many people still regard dogs as farm and working animals. But others are as daft about their pets as I am! said...

Simi, you are stunning in your new outfit. Tres chic!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Bonsoir, Southern writer. C'est moi, Simi! I'm very flattered that you like my outfit and that you speak to me in French - my language, you know, as I am named after de Beauvoir. Happy writing!

Maria said...

Well Simi if I could I would pet you all the way from America! You look to cute in that new rain coat! I want a puppy now! ~M


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