Monday, November 13, 2006


It rained softly last night but otherwise our estate di San Martino or Indian summer continues. It gets its name because St Martin, seeing a poor, old man in threadbare clothes one freezing winter's day, tore his own cloak in half with his sword and gave half to the man. At that moment, there was a burst of brilliant sunshine.
San Martino falls on the 11th November. British readers might be interested to know that Armistice Day is not observed here, but Liberation Day [April 25th] is a holiday. I was pleased to be able to watch the Cenotaph ceremony in full on Sky yesterday morning. [BBC World screened only clips from it.] At one stage the commentator pointed out that the leaves were still on the trees in London - very unusual for this time of year there - and I reflected that global warming is probably the cause of both that phenomenon and this uncommonly long estate di San Martino.


Anonymous said...

I love the stories about saints. Today was bright and mild, though I have lit my coal fire and love my hot water bottle, I'm not sure if that is an Italian tradition too.

I'm now going to watch "I'm a celeb," it's had quite a build up in the UK, I'm sure you are having much more fun.

Anonymous said...

Global warming has departed Germany for winter cooling.

Ballpoint Wren said...

We always have bright, sunny weather in November and December, even though technically, this is our rainy season.

Usually when I hang the Christmas lights I get a sunburn.


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