Monday, November 06, 2006


Chatting to a friend this morning about my recent visit to Britain, I could scarcely conceal my amazement when he suggested, "Why don't you go back once a month to connect with your roots? That would be nice, wouldn't it?" Apart from the fact that I wouldn't dream of leaving Simi that often, I don't have that kind of money! And there'd hardly have been any point to the move! But this is a country in which young people not only go to the university nearest their home, but also come home every single weekend [a habit which never ceases to astonish me], where married people settle close to their parents and in-laws and where people are much more likely to say, "I'm from name of hometown" rather than "I'm from Sicily". I thought this was an interesting snippet of conversation as it reveals differing cultural perceptions about provenance.

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Anonymous said...

If we could just hit the lottery, lots of things would be possible. Until then, we, like you, will enjoy ourselves where we are. Except for the ocassional trip. (smile)


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