Thursday, November 09, 2006


I'm a terrible one for ornaments, having had 912 of the things brought over from Britain. [I know the number because I had to count them for the inventory.] Now here is another one to add to the collection, this time a replica of a Sicilian dry -stone wall.

Although I am Welsh, I spent much of my youth in Gloucestershire, a county renowned for its dry-stone walls. So perhaps that is another reason why I felt instantly at home in the landscape of Sicily.
Here the dry-stone walls were used to mark boundaries and to keep wolves away. I think they have a beauty all of their own and I am glad that the tradition has not been allowed to die out. An ancient olive or carob tree, or a bush of fichi d'India [prickly pear] surrounded by one of these walls is a peaceful sight indeed.


Anonymous said...

912, you are a collector. Are there still wolves there?

Anonymous said...

After reading so much doom and gloom on UK blogsites, it is so refreshingly nice to visit Sicily and learn a little more about the landscape which so clearly you enjoy. The countryside looks wonderful, I do hope you enjoy it this weekend.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Steve. No, no wolves now.
Hi, Ellee. Thank you for such an encouraging comment. You are right: I do love the landscape here.


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