Sunday, September 13, 2009


Match the proverbs 1 - 6 with their meanings a - f. For answers, highlight the space beneath where it says, "Highlight below for answers" - yes, really, they are there!

1. Non pói aviri e vutti cina e a mugghieri 'nbriaca.

2. Si nun si' Re nun fari liggi novi; lassa lu munnu comu lo trovi.

3. Pri canusciri un amicu riali, si cci havi a manciari 'na sarma di sali.

4. Ô muru vasciu si ci appoja macari 'u viecciu.

5. Unni manca Diu pruviri.

6. Scrùsciu ri carta e cubbàita nènti.

a. The Lord will provide.

b. To know if a friend is a real one, you must live with him long enough to eat a corpse of salt.

c. All that glitters is not gold [literally, "a rustle of paper and no cobaita" = sesame seed nougat].

d. You can't have your cake and eat it [literally, "you can't have a full bottle and a drunk wife" - presumably there is some advantage in having a drunk wife?].

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e. Even an old man will lean on a low wall [ie., everyone will take advantage of the weakest person or situation].

f. If you're not a king don't make new laws: leave the world as you found it.

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Highlight below for answers:
1d, 2f, 3b, 4e, 5a, 6c.


Peter @ italyMONDO! said...

...I love Italian proverbs, Welshcakes! They get even better when they are Sicilian or Neapolitan, too.

Here are my answers;

1 - d

6 - c

5 - a

3 - b

2 - f

4 - e

Mary said...

I love the one about low walls and old men. Probably very true.

Congrtulations on your return to work. I trust that it's part-time so you can still entertain blog-world.

j said...

I laughed out loud at the full bottle and drunk wife. My husband's bottle is full :)

The low wall and old men was a great way to visualize that proverb.

Have a blessed week!

jams o donnell said...

A dismal show from me. I love teh old men and low wall proverb

Minnie said...

Went the day well, Welshcakes? Hope so; much rooting for you at this end.
LOVE the proverbs! 'erewego:
And that one about the drunken wife is thought-provoking. Grazie! Baci, M

Minnie said...

PS Off-topic, so apologies; but can I have details of the pic on your masthead, pls? Tks, Mx

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Glad you like them too, Peter. All correct! Hi, Mary. I like that one, too. Yes, part-time so I won't go away! Hi, jams. We all seem to like that one! Hi, Jennifer. LOL. Have a great week. Not too bad, thank you, Phidelm et tu as reçu six sur six. xx No problem. Pic is of the restored Castello di Donnafugata, Ragusa, It's oe of mine.


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