Friday, September 11, 2009


Don't worry - not together! I was going to call this post "Some Foodie Matters" but as it's just Friday in Sicily [00.04] I'll make it a "Foodie Friday" post.

My commenter Peter of italyMONDO - do click on the link to check out Peter's profile and blog as he has an interesting story - has asked me how last night's pesto turned out so I thought I'd show you.

I'm afraid I don't pestare my pesto. I just chuck everything in the food processor

and it always turns out all right. [The recipe is here.]

Today was market day and there were plenty of street traders selling fruit near the market site. For those of you who like to compare prices, here is what 3.50 euros bought me from one of them:

Not bad, eh?


Peter @ italyMONDO! said...

MMMmmm... Looks like there are lots of pignoli in there - just how I like it. Thanks for the post!!

Minnie said...

More thanks, Welshcakes - that pesto recipe is just the thing!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Welshcakes...Pesto looks good, I love it.

You should never put Bananas in a bowl with other fruit, it ripens the other fruit so quickly and makes them rot!!

Bananas give of a gas known as ethylene which is not good for other fruits,

Michelle said...

Wow - that fruit is so perfect looking and gorgeous it hardly even looks real - great shot!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thanks, Peter. Glad you like it. Thanks, chère Phidelm. Hi, Anne. Glad you're a pesto fan, too. I did know that about bananas and I put the peaches with them for the photo. I eat up apples so quickly that the bananas don't have time to affect them! Hi, Michelle. I am pleased that you like the shot.

PinkAcorn said...

How come your fruits and veggies looks so much better than what we have or get here...

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, pink. I'm surprised to learn that they do!


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