Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hi, folks. It's Simi here!

How was your day? Mine sort of went like this:

Now what's this that's appeared on MY bed? If I didn't know better, I'd wager [get it? wag 'er, heehee!] it's a computer [only our computer thingies live in the study].

My mummy's not bothered so I suppose it's all right.

Well, shiver my whiskers, it IS a computer! What's it doing in here? Perhaps I'd better guard it for a while... Hey! What was that flash? It will make my eyes look weird!

I think I'll just ignore it now...

... or better still, have a snooze.

See you soon, fans!

With love from

Simi xxxx woof!


Unknown said...

Hi my friend!
Simi is so cute. I love dogs. My dog's name is Sula.

Alex the Blogging Kat said...

Oh, Simi, I really, really likez dis postie. U doeded a bery goodz jobz! OK? I hopez dat u haz udder postiez soonz. U is a bery nice woofie doggie & u iz my fwiend! OK?

sally in norfolk said...

:-) :-) :-) :-)

jams o donnell said...

Simi has that French elan about her even when looking at her cutest.

The furry masters thinks she is so cute they wish to consider her an honorary cat!

Barbara said...

Bonjour Simi & mistress Welshcakes,

It's going to be OK, Simi . It's going to be a lot of fun for your mistress. And if she's happy you're happy too.

Cheers !

Minnie said...

T'en fais pas, Simi ma belle, t'es toujours au top!
Love the pix, Welshcakes - just right for such a charmingly whimsical post. Simi is, of course, a star ...!

Lucia said...

Cool! Simi is adorable...and so is WIFI. I love the freedom to go anywhere (in my house or garden) with my laptop!

Trubes said...

Hello Simi, my friend.
You are soooo clever. i like to sit on my Mama's lap when she's on her PC. I suppose you could call me a 'lap top cat', ged it ? ha ha ha.
My sister Asrid has gone and got another dog to keep Rocco the Pug company. It's called Gismo and it's a totally black French Bulldog, aged 3 months...Looks like a black pudding, very cute.
Not as pretty as you though.
Got to go now and remind Mama it's time for my steamed cod!

Bye for now.

Chloe cat....purrrrr purrrr.

James Higham said...

Into the 22nd century, Welshcakes?

jmb said...

Hi Miss Simi. If you Mum leaves that computer on your bed what can she expect but you will write a post?

Nice to hear from you and you are obviously well and happy and just a tad spoilt I should think.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hello, Kinha. Yes, she is so cute and lovely. She is my family. Auguri. Simi says: "Hi, ALex. I like your posts too. I am very woofie-happy to have you for a friend. xx" Hi, Sally. Thanks for coming over. Simi is very flattered, jams. Yes, she is definitely French! She says she's not sure she wants to be a cat but is honoured to be asked! Simi dit: "Bonsoir, tante Barbara. That is very reassuring!" "Ma chère tante Phidelm, je te remercie." Ciao, Lucia. We're just getting used to it. Simi: "Hi, Auntie Trubes and Chloe Cat. Heehee! I like that - a laptop cat! Gismo sounds very nice. I'm glad he's French, like moi! Waggy-Woofs à toi!" Sure thing, James. Simi: "Hi, Auntie jmb. You are quite right. If mummy leaves the computer around of course I will use it! Moi, spoilt?'!! xx"


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