Monday, September 28, 2009


Supper with Linda, Chiara and Gino after the Joyce events:

Two traditional types of pizza

with home-produced sun-dried tomatoes and olives

plus mozzarella and grilled, dressed peppers:

Perhaps you heard my sighs of contentment where you are, reader?


sally in norfolk said...

the sun dried tomatoes sound delish :-)

Minnie said...

Yes, sighs of contentment audible, loud and clear - and can understand why, too! Intrigued tho', as when I used to make pizza for parties I made a very bread-y type of crust (more by accident than by design, I hasten to add!) using dried yeast. It looked very much like the pizza in your pix. Could I possibly have got something right (would be a first!)?

jmb said...

More delicious food. Yummy.
Word verification: forks. What a hoot.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

They were, Sally. Hi, Phidelm. Glad you can hear me in la belle France! I'm sure you got it right - you are too modest! Hi, jmb. That's funny!


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