Friday, February 08, 2008


After a glorious day of sunshine yesterday - interrupted briefly by an afternoon storm - the temperature "plummeted" to 9C this morning. This is cold for the ever-entertaining Sicilians, who made high drama out of it by walking aound clutching their scarves to their mouths as you would on the most miserable, freezing, foggy morning in Britain. I wouldn't mind betting, though, that 75% of them arrived home and decided not to switch on the heating! It does not even occur to the owners of some bars and restaurants that their customers might welcome some warmth on such a day and that is why I eschew most of these establishments during the winter.

But at my beloved Altro Posto the heating is on and there is cosciotto di pollo arrosto [only it is cooked on the hob rather than roasted] with patate al forno on the menu. For dessert I asked them to concoct something especially pretty as I needed a blog photo and the above is what they came up with. Who could grumble at that?
Some time ago I wrote on this blog that Italians tend to stand much closer to you than British people do but it is a long time since I have even noticed this. However, the other day in the post office a woman stood so near me that had she decided to sit she would have been on my lap and I automatically held my handbag more tightly; she was, of course, just going about her business and was completely unaware of my reaction. And today at the Altro Posto a man stood only about five inches from me to watch the TV, which made me feel uncomfortable. You would think someone would sense the unease in one so physically close and the fact that they do not is what I find strangest of all. Perhaps I am just feeling tetchy because of the cold.
I am pleased to report that I have seen fewer real fur coats this winter.


jmb said...

I can see why this Altro Posto is a favourite with you Welshcakes. The food is good as well as the g & t's.
I have never noticed that Italians stand close to you, I wonder if Australians do it too. I suspect it is just that I am working so hard to understand them I'm probably encroaching myself.

I left a comment on the Post Office one but it seems to have disappeared. Of course it was not brilliant so it doesn't really matter.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, jmb. And it has the merit of being very nearby! I just checked back and I definitely didn't receive a comment on the PO one from you but your comments ARE always interesting and very welcome here.

James Higham said...

We have minus 6 today and that's too warm.

Leslie: said...

9 degrees C means we're starting to warm up! And shedding the hats, scarves, and gloves. It's gloomy today, though, and makes me feel the same! :( Boy do we ever need some sunshine! Glad you enjoyed your meal - looks wonderful. My daughter and I are having sushi tonight.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

James, I can do NOTHING when I'm cold! Hi, Leslie. Enjoy the sushi!

Shades said...

Personal space is interesting as whilst it is cultural, there is a natural variant based on the individual's personality.

When I was at College, there was one lad in our Hall of Residence (his name escapes me) whose comfort zone was about half a metre larger than everyone else. Whilst he was a little introverted he was happy to communicate to other people. However, he would always end up in the corner of the room being talked at whilst the person with him unconsciously got within their comfort zone and he unconsciously backed out of it.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Ciao, Shades. It is interesting, as you say. Poor chap - do you think he realised what he was doing? Did you ever find out how he got on later in life?


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