Saturday, February 02, 2008


State pensions are paid out in Italy, by alphabetical order of surname, during the first few days of each month. So that dreaded building, the Post Office, is even more crowded and chaotic than usual during this period. Thus it was that, returning from our walk yesterday morning, Simi and I encountered a fine Italian commotion in our narrow “post office” street: The traffic jam had been caused by an elderly gentleman who, having dispatched his wife into the post office to do the waiting, saw no reason whatsoever why he should not park across the entrance to the little street. No vehicle could exit or enter the street meanwhile, and the water lorry, trying to turn into it, had blocked the traffic on the main road, so much beeping, gesticulating and shouting was going on. Add to this the usual group of interested bystanders and you probably get the picture, reader. There being no pavement at the entrance to the street, Simi and I could only “stand and stare” but then she decided to take the matter into her own paws and began barking loudly in accompaniment to the “music” of the car horns. Throughout all this activity, our elderly signore sat dreaming in his car, totally oblivious to the madness around him. At last, the lady in the fourth car in the queue waiting to get out onto the main road left her vehicle, tapped on our pensioner’s car window and patiently suggested to him that he should park in a space that had become vacant behind him. Simi was really enjoying herself by then and the [rather impatient, for a Sicilian] young man in the first car actually stopped “mamma-mia-ing” for a moment to laugh with her and ask, “Che c’è?” [= “What’s up?"] “I rather think she’s taking your side”, I replied.

Within another minute all was unblocked, the traffic was moving again and we continued on our way, Simi walking proudly with her head held high, as she was convinced that it was she who had sorted out the Sicilian drivers [and of course she had!]
I noticed yesterday lunchtime that there is a petition going the rounds lamenting the fact that there are so few parking spaces near this particular post office. I have not signed as I just cannot get over the fact that people expect to drive to a central post office in the first place!

Further note on the Post Office: A private student whom I have just taught told me that yesterday she received, by post, her authorisation for the shifts she worked as a pharmacist in the second half of last year. The letter was posted from a town only 10 km away in July. Yet this morning I received 2 letters from the USA which were only posted on Thursday! Snails and swallows….


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Don't talk to me about post offices, or post!!!!!

Still no package for you I suppose, I am angry that I will have to pay another visit to complain.

Trubes said...

You see, Welshcakes, I`d already "talent spotted" Simi as a "Star" in the making. She has that certain "presence", about her dogliness.
Chloe would say hello, but she`s had a very busy day,chasing leaves, stock checking the "meeces" underneath the garden shed and running up and down the Weeping,(very bare), Beech Tree.

I do love the post office Sagas. I admire you, and the way in which you spend your
life in Sicily.
At times, it must be difficult. for you, yet, you always seem able, to come up with an amusing little anecdote, that surely "warms the cockles" of all our hearts".

P.S. Princess Chloe has just awakened from her nap and wishes Simi Bon nuit. xxx

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Sorry, Anne. I'm sure that package must have been misdelivered and the person has kept it.
Hi, Trubes. Simi is very flattered by your comments! She understands how busy Chloe must have been, too. You're right - it's very difficult at times but as long as I can laugh it's OK! I really appreciate you comments and your understanding. Auguri from Simi and me xx - And buona notte, cara Chloe, dalla Sicilia xx

jmb said...

Well I did wonder about the delivery of the postal items by the Italians since posting them is such a hassle.

Good for Miss Simi, sorting out the traffic jam.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Lets hope the second package arrives...posted on the 28th Jan.

Crushed said...

Simi is cool. There is no two ways about it, you make an invincible team.

Liz Hinds said...

Ah, the post office. Tell me, do they specially breed grumpy PO assistants as in the UK?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, jmb. Simi is still very proud of herself! Hi, Anne. You are so kind, sending another package. We will let you know as soon as we receive it . x Ciao, Crushed. Simi says she agrees with that! Hi, Liz. Sometimes, yes!


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