Sunday, February 17, 2008


Hi, folks! It's Simi here! I bet you thought I'd forgotten all my fans, didn't you?!

Well, some of you may remember that, just like the Queen , I have two birthdays and this is my "official" one, the anniversay of the day I came to live with my mummy! This time she said I could have this fashionable raincoat for the spring, only I don't like putting my back paws through the openings, so she gave up in the end! Still, I think I look molto elegante in it, don't you? [See how my Italian is coming on again!]

Mummy has told me gently about my cataracts and all I can say to that is "phooey" [and "poohey" as well, while we're at it!] I know my mummy will look after me and a little thing like that is not going to stop me enjoying my favourite occupation - barking at the water lorry! [That's when I'm not taking my mummy for a walk, of course.]

I must say I'm a very busy dog these days: I have to look after our housey when she's over at that workie-kennel, then I have to pull her hair, not just sit on it, to make her get up in the mornings and of course there are still the neighbour's dogs to be watched all day! I have a lot of new aunties and uncles to climb on now that we know more people and I have to remember to bark whenever we pass that post office kennel, just to make sure they are aware that they have me to deal with if they upset my mummy!

She has just told me we have run out of tap water again so I have to go to get my "duty sleep", for - oh, joy, oh, rapture - that means the water lorry may come tomorrow and I need to be in fine voice! [I can't think why mummy always seems angry when she tells me about the water supply. Doesn't she like greeting the waterman with me?! Sometimes there's no figuring out these humans!]

Have a good serata, fans!


Simi XXX


Unknown said...

Liz told me that we share the same birthday so recently passed so I clicked over to say "hi."

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Someimes saintly Nick. How nice of you to come by and happy belated birthday!

jmb said...

Looking very sharp there Miss Simi. I see you have taken to la moda like every good Italian.
Happy Anniversary to you, you certainly lucked out in your choice of owner. Happy Barking tomorrow.

Rowena said...

Simi, I do love your new raincoat, it really suits you! Also, good to hear that you're busy keeping tabs on everyone--that's what I call job security in these less than stable times. Nothing like a good old-fashioned barking to keep likely misfits in line!! I, myself, rarely get to see anyone in this little mountain hamlet (besides the oaf up the hill) so I only bark if someone leaves the parking area. Why I can't go with them is beyond me. I always behave! Rowff! ~Ms. Maddie from Lecco~

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you were free one evening this week...we could make sweet music together, and I hate all kinds of trucks!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Simi says, "Thank you, auntie jmb! I've been practising all morning!"
"Hello, Miss Maddie. Wow! Another blogdoggie pal! Have a good bark anyway!"
"Hello, doggie Mutley. Sounds a good idea to me!"

Liz Hinds said...

How smart you look, Simi! And happy birthday to you too for yesterday.

Now I hope you're looking after your mummy as well as she looks after you!

Gledwood said...

She does look a bit hang-dog in that picture, poor swine!... I can't really fault you... my pets pixx come out absolutely dreadful... TOTALLY unrepresentative... even though they are usually of rodents what small personality they have is totally lacking from my camerawork!

Simi does look quite a bit like Baby Itchy in that snap!

Gledwood said...

ps have you heard the latest political scandal from Britain (apart from Northern Rock bank being nationalized by the "New" Labour govt... o! How the Tories LOVED that one... crowing on about how Labour's reputation for economic competence "ends here" (what a stupidly backhanded compliment... if I were Labour I'd thank them for recognizing we WERE economically competent haha!!)

Right it is this: the French oral exam is to be scrapped! As it is "too stressful on the pupils"!

Vanessa Feltz on BBC London Radio was saying "isn't it a right of passage? going through that anxiety?"

I went through GCSE "orals" in French, German AND Welsh! And I got As in all 3! AND in Welsh I was used as the "control"... my speech to represent the standard of ALL the best students... ie though the teacher didn't make a big deal out of it the class was depending on me!

Everyone phoned in cracking jokes about boring old M et Mme Dupont et la famille Dupont... et quelle dommage qu'ils sont si ennuiyeuxes!...

Dans l'examination oral il faut dire: chaque semaine je vais au piscine... et je joues au tennis!

Tu etais professeure de francais et italienne, non?

Tu en dis dans ta profile, non?

Moi j'ai un bac: niveau C en francais... peut etre c'est plein que je parles pas courrement ni correctement

ps I hope you do speak French otherwise what a load of gobbledygook I just spouted you!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

"Thank you, auntie Liz", says Simi. "Oh, I am doing a good job looking after her! Where's George?"
Hi, Gleds. I think she looks lovely myself - but then , I always think that!
Bonsoir, Gleds. Merci, car je ne savais pas ça! Quelle horreur! "Ils sont fous, ces Anglais", n'est-ce pas? How the f**** can they scrap the modern langs oral exams?! Stress, my arse! More stress being the examiner, which I have been!

Trubes said...

Simi: Happy Official Birthday you gorgeous doggy.. Auntie Trubes. xx

Yo Simi, Greetings Ciao Bambino. I wish you a Cool and Happy Birthday.

Must share with you ! The parents are going off on a trip and the youngesy daughter is coming here to 'Cat Sit' me with that Pup Pug Dog Rocco. I shall, of course , sulk, stay upstairs, and spit at that smelly Pup.
What`s more she`s bringing the new boyfriend around to stay. He`s got three very common Cats, one called Norm, he`s only got one eye, (he won`t have any eyes left if he comes to Chez Trubes). Don`t know what the others are called but I know I shall just sooo.. not like them. Common as Muck !

Love to your dear Mama,

Yours in trepidation,

Princess Chloe, The only Cat in the Universe.....purr purr...zzzzz

Whispering Walls said...

I thought that was her disco dress at first.

Crushed said...

Simi needs her own blog, I think.

Definitely an internet personality.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Simi says: "Dearest Chloe, I am very flattered to have a letter from a cat! I'd have a good sulk if I were you because we girls have got to do things dramatically! But then it IS a pup so I do feel for it too, so maybe you could be gracious at some point during its stay? Common cats I could not be doing with! Buona catnap, Princess Chloe - and my mummy says love to yours.xx"

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

WW - you're giving her ideas now!


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