Sunday, February 03, 2008


I've mentioned the term bamboccioni [denoting the young people in Italy who will not leave the parental nest even when they are well into their thirties] before: it is a word that has been much in the news again during the past week, as, according to Isae [ Istituto di Studi e Analisi Economica] 71.9% of Italians aged 20 - 30 continue to live with their parents, the highest figure in Europe. [Spain is next with 71.2 % remaining at home.] Unemployment among this age group is given as the main reason and it was also previously thought that those with a higher level of education were more likely to live at home. However, the UK has the most graduates in this age group [41.3%] and is also the country with the highest number living "independently".

Earlier I came across an article in an Italian magazine suggesting that the "biggest" bamboccione of them all is none other than our own beloved heir to the throne, with his mother still controlling his finances and being able to stick her nose into his marital affairs. - "Only fit to be king of the bamboccioni" sneers the article, which has cheered me up no end.


Sean Jeating said...

As for Charlie, it's definitely not easy being the 'infant' for 60 years.

As for the bamboccioni: 'Hotel Mama' happened to be very popular in Ireland, too. :)

And there are quite a few reasons to be found, once one makes the effort of trying to look behind the curtain.

jmb said...

It's true that he had his marital life controlled by his mother but I thought Charles was very wealthy from the Duchy of Cornwall revenues.
However the idea of being under her thumb is very true.

Anonymous said...

Son no2 mentioned only this weekend (it is wonderful now we have somewhere he can leave town to come and stay with us) that he couldn't help noticing how I changed his bedroom into an office when he left home (the home of my previous life). But he was adamant he'd never be back so I believed him. Plus, I wanted him to live by his decision and not be able to come back if it got tough.

He was smiling when he mentioned it this weekend - winking at me, in fact. I took this as thanks.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Sean. No, not easy but at least easier with all that money! Jmb, yes, he is "doing all right" to quote a little Brit understatement. But Mum still controls the civil list, I believe! Hi, Shirl. I'm sure your sons appreciate you as the wonderful mother you are. Auguri.


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