Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Well, strictly speaking, it's fun with the famous poster wall: when Simi and I were on our first walk of the day yesterday morning, I noticed that there were about four pieces of fallen masonry on the ground beneath the posters. By the time we came back, this had prompted the arrival of two fire engines and their crews, police, an ununiformed gentleman who seemed to be organising everything and, of course, the usual crowd of onlookers shouting advice, exclaiming and chatting to each other. The street had to be temporarily blocked to traffic [which will really have irritated all those who refuse to walk up to the post office, I can tell you]. I confess, reader, that I joined the group of spectators for there is nothing like a good, clamorous Italian commotion to kick-start the day.

Later, I began to wonder what had caused the wall to start crumbling in the first place so checked this site to see if I had missed an earthquake tremor again. [Regular readers may recall that I'd mistaken the last one for over-enthusiastic bedroom activity in the flat above!] But no, all had been quiet here on the seismic front. So I can only imagine that the billstickers [for the "contravention of the law" notices have yet again been covered by more election posters] had gone about their task with greater determination this time!


James Higham said...

Just has to be those bill posters.

Lee said...

Hahahaha! You just reminded me of a funny story about Hinchinbrook Island, Welsh! I must relate it one of these days! :)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps folks noticed the wall was starting to crumble and put on the posters to hold it up.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, James. Yes, it must be. You must tell us the story, Lee! Steve, you are starting to think like a Sicilian!

Maria said...

Oh wow... i guess that gives new meaning to throwing yourself into your work!



Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, M. It does indeed!


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