Wednesday, May 30, 2007


All my adult life my shoe size has been a British 5, which is continental size 38. Whenever I came to Italy before settling here I would buy one or two pairs to take back - for who could come to Italy and not buy shoes? - and every time the 38 would fit perfectly. But lately I seem to need the 37 more often than not. What is going on?

The shoes pictured are the nearest I get to "sensible" footwear. [Are you there, Sally in Norfolk?] I've been looking ever since I arrived here for a casual navy pair to wear with navy trousers and the colour has been very difficult to find. So when I spotted these yesterday I decided to grab them [37 again].

It's all very well having shrinking feet: I want the rest of me to follow suit!


sally in norfolk said...

Yes I am here welshcakes :-)
I just got my sandals for the Summer....walking sandals of course.
Girlie ones just are not practical when I am running round trying to keep up with Geoff :-)
When I win the lottery, first thing I will buy is a girlie wardrobe full of clothes and shoes, for now i have to be practical :-(

elleeseymour said...

I can tell these are quality s hoes by the leather lining. I think it depends on the quality and softness of the leather about your shoe size. I bought some beautiful white loafers in Spain last year from a shoe factory, they were very similar to the quality of yours, it feels like I am walking on air.

jmb said...

Size five (38)is the average size I guess (I'm 40) but do I think that you feet are getting smaller? Frankly no. Because usually your foot expands as the years go by because of gravity and lots of other reasons, like your arch flattening out.

So I suspect that they have slightly changed the lasts so that people think they have smaller feet. Just a theory mind you.
Here in Canada certain manufacturers send their clothes to the States where sizes are labelled smaller. I guess to make the US women think they are smaller than they are so we are delighted to fit into sizes we know are not true when we buy these labels.

Janejill said...

Geoxx !- I bought a pair of their trainers in Cortina last year and they have now opened in London - Much more expensive here too. I think clothes are increasing in size as I am 6 kilos heavier than before stopping smoking yet still wear the same size (well almost...)It's strange as I thought one's feet got flatter, and therefore longer with age? Maybe your instep is becoming higher?

Liz Hinds said...

Welshcakes, I'm disappointed in you. Sensible shoes? In Sicily?

Don't we all shrink as we get older? Grannies are always little. Maybe you're starting at the bottom and working up.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Sally, your fitness puts me to shame, as always! Hi, Ellee. Yes, they are heavenly to walk in. I never thought about it being the type of leather. Hi, jmb. Never thought about the lasts, either! That's fascinating that Canadian clothes naufacturers send their clothes to the US to be labelled smaller! janejill, I thought so, too. I've not looked at my instep height lately so I will ponder it! Liz, I won't do it again!

Lee said...

I think my shoes are shrinking!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Nice one, Lee!


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