Friday, March 23, 2007


Family Day
Catholic organisations are planning a massive demonstration in Rome for May 12th, "Family Day". Its purpose is to call for legislation which supports the "traditional" family but actually it is anti-Dico [the proposed diritti e doveri dei conviventi law, which will grant more rights to cohabiting couples regardless of their sexual orientation]. It is somewhat ironic, then, that the demonstration is to take place on the 33rd anniversary of the referendum which put the possibility of divorce onto the statute book in Italy! Many single parents have said that they will join the demonstration to show that their households constitute families, too, whilst some gay groups have announced their intention to hold their own demonstration on the same day, for the same reason. Watch this space!

A Fruitless Proposal
The EU has announced its intention to allow synthetic "fruit juices" [containing no fruit] to be sold in supermarkets alongside "real" fruit juices. This has caused much concern in Sicily, which produces wonderful fresh fruit juices, as it could hit the island's economy hard. I am usually pro-EU, as many of you will know, but this does seem to me to be one of its more nonsensical ideas: you have something good, natural and popular produced by one of your members, so instead of supporting its production, you go and threaten its survival by allowing rubbish to be displayed next to it!


Anonymous said...

Fascinating fact from filippo's file of fascinating facts...

Sunny Delight is put in the 'cold' section of the supermarket, despite containing so many preservatives it doesn't need keeping cool, because P&G pay for it to be given shelf space there to give it a 'healthy' image which it doesn't deserve !

And drinking to much of the orange Sunny D will turn your skin orange.

Fact !

Lee said...

Perhaps the demonstrators should be demonstrating against the synthetic fruit juices instead...far more unhealthy than co-habitation and not being married!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Anon, you are a true mine of information! I didn't realise that's why it's in the cold section- horrible, unhealthy stuff!
Lee, agree completely.


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