Saturday, March 10, 2007


I am flattered and delighted to have been asked to write a guest post over at Ellee's today. Thank you for the invitation, Ellee!
UPDATE: Quite a heated debate over there now, so do take a look if you haven't already!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I'm here from Ellee's blog and will now take a look at yours.

Anonymous said...

It's an excellent post, very thought provoking, wish I was on that plane to join you. Many thanks for going to so much trouble and making it so interesting, I hope you show it to some of your Italian blogging friends.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Jean-Luc, I've often read your interesting comments on Ellee's blog. Thank you for coming over. Ellee, thanks again for the opportunity. I know of one friend here who has today visited your site. Hopefully there will be others later. I am going insane here because my site meter is still not working. I can't reinstall it or install statcounter because their instructions say "go to the add page element" thing and, according to blogger help, I can't get that unless I upgrade my template and risk losing what I've got. OK, I know it says it will make a copy but I wouldn't know how to get bits of that back on. If anybody comes on who knows what to do, I'd be really grateful if they could tell me because I am at screaming / take a hammer to the computer point!

James Higham said...

Great post, Welshcakes - my comment is over there at Ellee's.

James Higham said...

I just missed your own comment, WCL. When I went to the New Blogger, you'll recall I ran a post fearing I'd lose my template.

I didn't lose it but then I did have trouble with sitemeter. The good news is that you haven't lost your stats - David at sitemeter e-mailed me.

You need to log in at sitemeter site and then go to Manager. There will be a piece of code for your site and it will have updated to New Blogger. I put this in and it was fine.

If that fails, you may have to go through the process again of joining sitemeter with a slightly different login name but same site address. This will then give you the rquired code to paste in.

If that fails, e-mail sitemeter directly and expect to wait a week. They will eventually reply and they have the ability to get into your sitemeter and see what's going on.

Others have advised leaving sitemeter and going elsewhere but you do need them for some applications. Persevere, look around at the available options inside there and take your time.

Send an e-mail with a progress report.

Lee said...

I popped over to ellee's blog, Welsh and read your wonderful post. I'm repeating here what I said in ellee's blog.

"This a series of wonderful snapshots into life in Sicily, without pictures, Welsh.

A close family life has to make a difference, I believe. My brother and I were brought up to meals at the table every evening, a sit-down breakfast in the mornings and Sunday lunch was always a major event.

A great expose’….thank you."

Welsh: Regarding re-instating your sitemeter...I wouldn't like to advise as I'd feel extremely guilty if you did lose everything. I know when I upgraded I lost nothing...everything remained the same, but perhaps someone with more expertise than I can help you...I hope so.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, James. Thank you very much for the nice comment at Ellee's and for all your detailed instructions re sm. I logged into sm manager god knows how many times but the trouble is there is no "layout" tab on my beta dashboard. I really don't want to "upgrade" my template, lose some and have to refiddle about with it because, although I can enter html manually, that's about the limit of my techno skills and I am so scared of losing everything! Blogging is a lifeline to me here but if I don't even know how many people are reading I get quite low. Thanks again for all you are trying to do to help me. As I said, I have tried to put statcounter on and I get so far but no further because there is no "layout" tab on my dashboard!
Lee, thank you so much. I really appreciate your comment at Ellee's and your encouragement. Please forgive me for not coming over to you tonight but I am so upset about this whole site meter business - and it would be the same whatever counter I tried to upload - why do blogger have to make everything so complicated? - that I need to just go to bed. Back tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Welshcakes, your fame is growing. I enjoyed the read at Ellee's.

Anonymous said...

Welshcakes, Did you manage to sort out your site meter problem? I'm so sorry it has caused you so much upset, maybe you will be able to backtract to yesterday once it is up and running again.

Liz Hinds said...

It's a wonderful post over on Ellee's blog.

We've always tried to eat together as a family, proper round-the-table meals. It's the best time to talk and catch up - or in Younger Son's case, just see him! Even when it's just him and me in the house, we try and eat at the table together.

jmb said...

I am here via Liz's site. I can't believe I've found someone who moved to Sicily, one of my favourite places.
I guess you taught Italian, but anyway I am a long time student of Italian and have been to Italy three times to go to language school and stay with a family. In 2000 I went to Taormina to do this and spent three weeks there and later went to the Aeolian Islands. Although it was very hot, I loved Sicily, it reminded me of my former country, Australia, with all the bougainvillia and the eucalypts which have caused so much trouble.
I'll stop blathering on and say that I'll be back to read the archives.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thank you, Steve. You are so kind. Ellee, no, it is still driving me round the bend. James is very kindly trying to help and I gather from him it's blogger's fault - what's new?! I am going to be brave and try and fix it myself in the morning! jmb, how nice to meet you! That's a lovely doggy photo you have there, so I'm coming to explore! I taught Italian, yes, along with French. Taormina is breathtaking, isn't it? I can see how Sicily would remind you of Oz. Feel free to come over and "blather" any time! Thank you so much, Liz. I make sure I "sit down" to eat even on my own - I'm worth it! - and I have good conversations with myself and, of course, Simi! Seriously, I do think more of life's problems could be solved around a table. "Working breakfasts & lunches" weren't invented for nothing, were they?

Newmania said...

Hi Miss W I `m afraid I have been dign things over the weekend and its a bit late now but i enjoyed your post and often have apeek at what you are up to .

( If Ellee isn`t quick of the mark I`ll khave another look tommorow morning )

All the best....goodness it always makes me think of the magical Italian holidays we have had .

jmb said...

I went to Italy on my honeymoon in 1961 and have been back about 10 times. I now have an Italian son-in-law (from Biella) and my daughter teaches French and is near to finishing her certification to teach Italian too. They live in the States, unfortunately with my one and only grandchild.
I've read the first two months of your blog and I'm loving it. The joys of being an immigrant in a different country. Even with the language there are still huge cultural differences.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hello, Mr N. Thanks for coming over.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

jmb, thank you. You are very kind.


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