Wednesday, October 25, 2006


5.35 pm here and the condominio has had no water supply since 9 this morning. So I am "waiting for Godot" to arrive in the form of the comune's water lorry yet again. Being the only one in today, I phoned to order water as soon as I realised the supply was off; making the request is a long-winded process as you don't only have to give the details you would expect, but your codice fiscale [like a National Insurance number in Britain, only much longer] as well. In fact, you have to give this number for virtually everything in Italy and it is issued on a little card which you should carry around with you. [In Britain about the only time you are asked for your NI number is when you call the tax office for something and most British people have no idea what their number is.]

I have 2 5-litre bidoni [containers] of water left, and these I can carry, along with a half-full 27-litre one,which I can't. These won't last long, as it takes 4 litres just to flush the loo! [You never have to think about these matters in Britain.]

For those of you not familiar with this blog, I have written here and here about the water situation as well. Meanwhile, I wait! - The lorry will come, but it may arrive late tonight or some time tomorrow.

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Maria said...

OHMYGOSH! I would die. You poor thing. I wish I could send you some myself! ~M


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