Friday, October 06, 2006


This is what you will get if you order hamburger in a restaurant. [As I've said before, don't look for the bun!] I find it very good. You should, though, make sure you ask, "Hamburger di che cosa?" ["What sort of hamburger?"] or you might be served hamburger di cavallo [horsemeat burger]. Italians would probably ask why eating horsemeat is more morally reprehensible than eating the flesh of other dead animals and they would have a point, but to a British person, it just is.

By the way, a McDonald's opened in Modica a few years ago and quickly closed again. Against the local food, there was simply no contest. "Well done, Modicani", say I.


Anonymous said...

It looks really tasyt, I prefer burgers without the buns. When I went to Corsica this summer, the guide mentioned that they don't have any fast food restaurants, except for one used by tourists in the summer. I can quite understand why.

Maria said...

I say well done too! Wow, horse meat, I think I would become vegetarian before I could ever eat horse meat. No bun, interesting I think...

lol... no cheese too I noticed. didn't see any french fries either. Are you sure it was a hamburger!

Oh, I am so American! I hope you enjoyed it! Be well always and always! ~M

skan said...

effettivamente con il cibo italiano (soprattutto quello siciliano) non c'è storia....
no ai fastfood

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Ellee. I think it's good there are stilll places without fast food. Hi, M. Nope, no French fries either! - But they'd have done them for me if I'd asked.
Ciao, Skan. Secondo me, gli Italiani hanno ragione.

Ballpoint Wren said...

I think most Americans will agree with the British about horsemeat!

There's a popular burger place here in So Cal called "In and Out," where everything is fresh (no freezers or microwaves). It's nothing like McDonald's.

When they serve burgers without the bun they call it "protein style." They wrap the burger up in iceberg lettuce leaves so you have something to hold on to. (I'm getting hungry!)

But the story about the McDonald's closing quickly made me laugh!


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